Items in Pacific BX 149

Mary Sue Ittner
Fri, 13 Jul 2007 12:51:59 PDT

A number of years ago I got seed from Tom Glavich of number 6 which he 
write about as: Albuca circinata, now lumped with Albuca spiralis, but the 
spiral leaves
are very different. It's been a great plant and I have appreciated it. I 
like it much more than Albuca spiralis. Having said that, I believe after 
consulting with John Manning when working on the Albuca wiki page that the 
correct name for this plant is Albuca namaquensis. What confused me was 
that when Albuca was going to be included in Ornithogalum which I gather is 
not now on the new name for Albuca spiralis was Ornithogalum circinatum. 
I've described this on the Albuca wiki page:…

Also number  16. Scilla peruviana is described on our wiki Merwilla page:…
as Merwilla plumbea. Even though this is a summer rainfall species it can 
be grown in Mediterranean climates. The seeds are short lived so offering 
them on the wiki is wonderful as it gives people an opportunity to grow it 
when seed exchange seeds of it would often not be viable.

Since this lot is a mix of winter growing and summer growing plants, I 
think it would be really helpful for that information to be included for 
people who might not know and might not be sure when to start the seed or 

Mary Sue

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