Skunk Cabbages

Mary Sue Ittner
Sat, 14 Jul 2007 07:24:16 PDT

In March this group discussed skunk cabbages and at the time I made a wiki 
page for Symplocarpus:…
and Graham Rice supplied photos. I'm hoping that someone will add pictures 
of the leaves.

I recently made a wiki page for the other skunk cabbage genus after I was 
able to photograph some growing in a bog near Ferndale.…

It was kind of magical when I spotted them  on a hike in a park where the 
native vegetation was lush and overgrown.  The map I had looked at in the 
beginning showed plants you might see on this hike and had named a section 
of the trail after the skunk cabbage. The trail was not level and I was 
close to the top when I realized that section was at the bottom of the hill 
on the other side from where I had started.  I was debating whether I 
wanted to hike down knowing I'd have to hike up again afterwards. There was 
a side trail around a pond and I took that as I was thinking since I could 
made my choice afterwards and as I rounded the corner, there they were in a 
depression (large bog area).  I wasn't able to get very close, but I was 
still in awe since they are very dramatic in such a spot and very different 
from the surrounding vegetation. I don't think my pictures have captured it 
very well, but when I think about it I can remember how it felt. I'm hoping 
someone will have flower pictures to add  to the wiki since I couldn't get 
very close.

Mary Sue

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