Praising Crinum
Tue, 10 Jul 2007 10:10:26 PDT
Hi all,

'Super Ellen' will set an occasional seed, but isn't very reliable.  
I've had only one seed form so far, using pollen from 'Mrs. James 
Hendry', which has now grown into a vigorous, attractive young 
Crinum.  Good luck, but don't be too disappointed if your efforts are 

My top 5:
'Mrs. James Hendry'
'Improved Peachblow'
'Super Ellen'
x powellii 'Album'

5 is too few, here are 5 more:
x digweedii 'Gonzalez'
x digweedii 'Old City Cemetery'
x herbertii 'Greenwood Cemetery #2'
'White Prince'
'Spring Joy'



Jim Waddick wrote:

Glad to hear there are others trying this relatively new 
hybrid., 'Super Ellen'.
I have started earnestly in brushing pollen on the stigmas, 
but there seems to be little pollen produced. Anyone else have much 
luck getting seeds and seedlings of this beauty?

Second stalk just appearing, now. Great.

Blooming in a large clump nearby is the commercial old C x 
powellii 'Alba'. It is a whole other critter from typical C. x 
powellii. This has a large flower, wider petals, and opens nicely. 
Certainly one of the top Crinums in my garden. And it seems equally 
hardy and vigorous. Unlike 'Super Ellen', 'Alba' pups well and makes 
a nice clump.

Anyone have other 'top 5' crinums?

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