Galanthus peshmenii hardiness

John Grimshaw
Tue, 24 Jul 2007 21:15:31 PDT
I have never seen Galanthus peshmenii thriving outdoors in England and 
regard it as less hardy than G. reginae-olgae.

John Grimshaw

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> John Lonsdale asked about winter hardiness of Galanthus peshmenii (a
> fall-blooming species from southwestern Turkey) and Scilla vincentina (I
> think the correct form of the name may be S. vincentii? I got it under 
> both
> versions at different times).
> I'm pretty sure G. peshmenii would be at least as winter-hardy as G.
> reginae-olgae. One thing I noticed about G. peshmenii in the wild is that
> it grows in extremely well-drained positions, such as in steep cut banks
> and even in the detritus on top of big boulders. I hope I didn't kill my
> pot of it by bringing it into the sunroom last winter when we had a very
> hard freeze in December; I'll turn it out soon and find out.
> S. vincentii/vincentina does fine in my bulb frames where it gets down to
> 20 degrees F sometimes, and it self-sows between the pots too. I think 
> it's
> a good candidate for the open garden in moderate climates and will try 
> some
> there myself this year.
> Jane McGary
> Northwestern Oregon, USA
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