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Hello Karen,

there is certainly  in Ethiopia a rare flower you would try to find,  
worthy to be grown in the garden: it is Arisaema enneaphyllum.

  from Guy Gusman: " it is a tall plant with a pure white limb  
curving above the spathe, up to 110 cm tall and 50 cm wide,
habitat grassy road banks in erica arborea shrubs; open grasslans,  
rocky slopes, thicket margins, in shade of trees, near clearings at  
margins of forest; 2000-3000 mts.
flowering from May to July; ripening time October to November "

the fruit spike is 8 cm long with berries about 10 mm long.
the tuber is subglobose, 8 cm across when mature.

In both his books he couldn't show a picture of the living plant but  
only a herbarium specimen.

I cannot say if it is hardy but I think Gusman will be pleased to  
tell you if it needs greenhouse care in your garden.

Anyway a picture of the plant, foliage and seeds, or the tuber ,  
would be very interesting.

Have a nice journey,

Italy zone 7
Il giorno 12/lug/07, alle ore 19:27, Alberto Castillo ha scritto:

>> From:> To:> Date:  
>> Sun, 8 Jul 2007 19:45:54 +0100> Subject: [pbs] Introduction> > Hi  
>> Guys,> > > > This is my first post so an intro is appropriate I  
>> think. I live in the> easternmost part of England and garden in  
>> what is usually the driest part of> the UK on a very sandy soil,  
>> half a mile from the North Sea. My garden is> mostly very  
>> sheltered so I benefit from the warning effect of being near the>  
>> sea without suffering too much from those Siberian easterlies that  
>> hit us> occasionally for a week or so.> > > > I grow a lot of  
>> Mediterranean plants which survive very well in the free> draining  
>> soil, examples are an eight foot olive tree, Pittosporum tobirum,>  
>> lots of Cistus and Halimium, and lavender both English and French.  
>> I lust> after traditional blowsy herbaceous borders but can't  
>> achieve them on such> poor soil sadly. > > > > I have a great  
>> weakness for Echeverias and Agaves most of which have to be> found  
>> space indoors or in un-heated cold frames over the winter. I have>  
>> travelled a lot in Europe and have snaffled seed from various  
>> places which> is how I have fallen into growing more bulbs.> > > >  
>> I have a very happy Urginea maritima from Crete growing in the  
>> open in> almost pure gravel (collected as a grapefruit sized bulb  
>> which had been> dislodged by road works - honestly it's true, I  
>> have a witness) producing> three flower heads each year now -  
>> despite the trip's botanist being very> negative about it's  
>> chances. This year's triumph was to flower Iris xiphium> from seed  
>> collected in Andorra five years ago and two of my five bulbs>  
>> flowered a deep indigo blue, much nicer than those wishy washy  
>> blue> florists versions. I have lots of Anemone pavonina in pots  
>> grown from seed> collected in the Peloponnese - scarlet, shocking  
>> gorgeous scarlet ! not> those pretty pink and blues you get mostly  
>> in the islands. I also have three> pots of unidentified somethings  
>> collected on the southernmost point of the> Matapan peninsula on  
>> the same trip. An iris of some sort I think but what ?> My current  
>> bet is on Iris tuberosa but they are being real buggers and have>  
>> refused to flower so far.> > > > I am going on a trip further  
>> afield than usual in November, three weeks in> Ethiopia,  
>> travelling about the country from high elevations to low. Is  
>> there> anything I might find there that would be worth keeping an  
>> eye out for?> > > > I used to post in the uk.rec.gardens newsgroup  
>> a lot so hi to anyone who> knows me from there - I see Rodger  
>> Whitlock continues being very helpful to> everyone.> > > > Finally  
>> I'd like to thank all you guys for posting such fabulous photos  
>> on> your wiki. I have spent many a happy lunch hour at work  
>> browsing the pics> and drooling. > > > > Karen Mountford> >  
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