Skunk Cabbages

Ken Blackford
Sat, 14 Jul 2007 20:23:43 PDT
Hello Mary Sue, et al,
  many years ago (about 1980) I remember hiking thru the Yolla Bolly wilderness in July, and upon nearing a crest with views of Mt Shasta in the distance, there were many patches of what a fellow hiker indicated were skunk cabbage.  I have a slide somewhere and I will try to find it.  However, I remember the leaves being a lighter green and more significantly ribbed than those you posted from the Ferndale area.   The foliage was quite pungent. They were growing in snow melt just below shrinking drifts.   Does this sound typical of skunk cabbage or was my hiking friend sufferring from the mountain air?  
  San Diego 

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