Ranunculus revision?

Jan Agoston agoston.janos123@gmail.com
Sat, 21 Jul 2007 04:03:41 PDT
Dear Jane,

Thank you for your reply, it was interesting for me. Yes, maybe you are
right about ideological re-naming of plants. I would not be surprised if
this would be the truth... But I have to mention also, that old professors
are not fond of learning new plant names. And maybe once one of them learned
a name and he teached that plant under that name instead of learning the

I think that as long as there will be 2 taxonomists there will not be any
unity of thaughts. Each would prove his/her own assumption.

Some botanist here are just revising nomenclature and species in the thaught
that the former botanist made a mistake and all former descriptors will be
put in brackets and his/her name will be the author.

I never thaught in my dreams ever, that this could be a something to live

Look the better side! If you are a heartless trader you can sell one plant
under different names...

Sorry for beeing so negative and sarcastic, but this is my own opinion...

I wish many flowers to everybody and a good growing.

Jani, Z5a, around 40°C (~104F) air temperature

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