In praise of 'Super E'

James Waddick
Fri, 06 Jul 2007 11:59:20 PDT
Dear all,
	I have been one to praise the hardiness of crinums in cooler 
climates and grown some for a decade or more. A few years ago one 
person of this group (Many thanks)  sent me the gift of what is now 
the absolute star of the Crinum garden : Crinum 'Super Ellen'. This 
Crinum is a cross between 'Ellen Bosanquet' and C. bulbispermum.
	The former is barely hardy here and does not bloom every 
year. I survives, but is not 'happy'. It is a beautiful red flowered 
modest size plant.  It is thought to be a hybrid of C. scabrum x C. 
'J.C. Harvey'.
	The former is another barely hardy. When it does bloom it is 
great (this year for example), but it often does not bloom at all. 
'J. C. Harvey' did not survive winters here.
	Of course Crinum bulbispermum is among the hardiest.

	See a picture of Ellen B at:…

	"Super Ellen' is just super. The current flower spike is 
almost to eye level with numerous huge faintly (pleasantly ) scented 
deep rose - red flowers and enormous foliage.
	Here's a picture at the above url and :…

	I understand it can produce seed, but it has yet to do so for 
me. (Must get those brushes dusted off. )

	So if you are trying cold hardy crinums and can buy a bulb  - 
and they are not easy to come by- put it on the top of your wish 
list. If I only had another dozen bulbs to plant around...

	An excellent choice.		 Best	Jim W.
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