Neomarica -stumbling toward ID

James Waddick
Tue, 05 Jun 2007 06:55:43 PDT
Dear friends-

	I am still wishing for something vaguely definitive in 
identifying Neomarica sp - a key perhaps.

I)	"The European Garden Flora" has the following key (paraphrased):

	1a 	Outer perianth segments yellow	N. brachypus (A)
	1b	Outer segments, blue, white or lilac	-2

	2a	Leaves ribbed, outer perianth white, styles 2 part 
	2b	Leaves not ribbed, outer perianth blue to lilac, 
styles 3 part	N. coerulea

	3a	Plants to 90 cm, flowers 6-10 cm	N. northiana (A)
	3b	Plants to 60 cm, flowers to 5 cm	N. gracilis

(A) But this and all yellow-flowered species such as northiana, 
longifolia etc are now in 'some other genus' - Trimezia?

II)	According to Dave and PBS wiki

	Outer perianth blue		N. coerulea	Fruit opens 

				N. sp  	Fruit opens only at superior 
end ( same as N. sabini?)

	Outer perianth white		N. candida ( 40 cm tall)
				N. northiana (80 cm tall)
				N. gracilis - w/ long peduncles

	Where's N. sabini?

III)	It is beginning to make some sense to me... well, almost.

	Flowers yellow				Genus Trimezia
	Flowers (outer perianth segments) , white or blue	Genus 
Neomarica	4 species ? ( or 7 species?)

		Outer perianth segments blue/lilac	N. coerulea
				Uncertain		N. sabini

		Outer perianth segments white- to 60 cm	elongate 
peduncles		N gracilis
					- to 40 cm peduncles not 
elongate(?) 	N candida

IV)	But Lee Poulsen submitted pix from Brazil of N. glauca,  N. 
pardina. N. pulchella, and N. sabini

		Thanks to all.		Jim W.

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