Boophane disticha X Brunsvigia josephinae ?

Ken Blackford
Tue, 05 Jun 2007 19:09:13 PDT
One of my summer growing Boophane disticha bloomed recently (my only one to do so.)   Since I have been unable to self this in previous years, I thought I would try frozen Brunsvigia josephinae pollen collected last fall.   While the pods are not completely ripe yet, it does appear seed is developing.  I opened one of the most ripe looking seed heads to find 3 firm, cream-colored seeds, each approx 5mm or 3/16in in diameter.  Two of these display a light pinkish tinge on one side.  Any similar experiences out there, guesses as to the viability of this seed, or as to the likelyhood these may actually produce hybrid plants?  I thought normal B.disticha seed was usually green and slightly larger.
  San Diego, CA
  USDA zone 10, maybe 11

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