Calydorea error

Jane McGary
Wed, 20 Jun 2007 12:38:20 PDT
Last summer I sent out some mature-sized but unflowered bulbs under the 
name Calydorea xiphioides, as the seed I grew them from had been called. 
Those left here have now flowered, and they are misidentified. In fact, 
they are a short-stemmed Herbertia, probably H. lahue although I thought it 
was taller (there are several other species of Herbertia, all with similar 
flowers, and I can't distinguish which this is from the limited 
descriptions I have). I apologize and will give a credit or refund to 
anyone who bought them in error.

If you have them and happen to like them anyway, you should give them more 
summer water than a Calydorea would want.

Be sure to change the label so you won't perpetuate the error.

Jane McGary

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