Haemanthus growth cycles?

Matthew Gale matthewgale@talktalk.net
Sat, 23 Jun 2007 07:51:04 PDT
Thanks, Lauw. I have some seedlings which were germinated during UK spring, 
and are growing during our spring/summer, so I guess there's a possibility 
that they will continue this cycle. I wonder whether the process you 
mentioned works well with Amaryllids which retain their roots during 

I remember reading mails which discussed strategies for getting 
winter-growing southern hemisphere plants to grow in the northern 
hemisphere's winter, but what happens if you don't do this? I would be 
really interested to know if anyone has had any success with such plants, 
particularly people who experience really cold, wet (non-Mediterranean) 


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> Mathew,
> In Holland they are very good at that.  The bulbs are planted in the 
> spring,
> lifted the end of the summer and put in warm storage (to simulate the 
> summer
> dormancy) These bulbs are offered for sale in the spring. The species
> concerned are Moraeas, Tritonia, Sparaxis, but I suppose that this 
> procedure
> may also apply to Haemanthus coccineus. For this experiment you better buy
> bulbs grown in th southern hemisphere.
> Bonne chance
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>> I guess this is a strange topic, since most of us try very hard to 
>> simulate
>> the conditions our bulbs experience in the wild, but has anyone 
>> successfully
>> encouraged winter-growing Haemanthus to grow during the summer in the
>> northern hemisphere? I guess there would be very little point for those 
>> of
>> you living in California, but what about the people who live in less
>> sun-kissed climates?
>> I often think about how much easier it would be if my winter growing
>> Haemanthus would just grow in the summer when the light would be better.
>> I've never tried to get them to grow in the summer instead, primarily
>> because I'm not sure about what triggers dormancy and growth in 
>> Haemanthus.
>> I used to think it was drought followed by moisture, but I now keep the 
>> base
>> of the pots damp during dormancy in order to keep the roots in good
>> condition and have, occasionally, had accidents with watering during
>> dormancy which don't seem to cause the plants to spring into growth. Is
>> temperature the trigger, or a combination of both?
>> Has anyone got any thoughts on this?
>> Matthew
>> UK
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