Visiting the UK & Thailand

Aqua Flora
Tue, 12 Jun 2007 13:15:56 PDT
Dear Group,

I will be visiting family in Germany next month, during which I will also be
spending some time in the UK, from the 2nd to the 12th of July. Some of the
places & people I have settled to visit include Kew Gardens, Wisley, Bennets
Water Gardens, the Hampton Court Flower Show, Mike King of Shropshire
Sarracenias, Junius des Brisay, David Fenwick of the African Garden and
Jonathan Hutchinson at Rosemoore Gardens. Doubtless there are hundreds of
other things & people to visit! What I would like is to hear from you, who
and what is worthwhile to visit - the top gardens/persons to see/meet before
you die!

To narrow down the search (or rather expand it), my interests are in bulbs
(of which I am particularly fond of the amarylidaceous genera: Scadoxus,
Haemanthus, Cyrtanthus, Crinum, Hippeastrum (species), Brunsvegia,
Amaryllis, Clivia and many of the South American genera), Waterlilies and
Marginal Plants including aquatic Iris (we have an aquatic plant nursery),
succulents (here I am looking for nurseries specializing in Echeveria and
their hybrids), Carnivorous Plants (especially Sarracenia and Nepenthes) and
last, but not least of my passions, tropicals! Here I include Bromeliads,
Philodendrons, Heliconias, Musa, etc. etc. etc.

As you can see I have a balanced appetite for a variety of different plants!
If you grow/collect anything you think I might be interested in, or know of
someone who does, please give me an email and I will see how I can work it
into my itinerary.

The same goes for Germany as above.

Now, to get to the second part of my subject - Thailand! During July there
will be an International Waterlily Symposium taking place in Thailand, which
I will be attending. This includes tours to many Botanical Gardens &
Nurseries in both Bangkok and Chiang Mai. If you know of any nurseries in
Thailand specializing in any of the afore mentioned plants, please give me
an email.

I look forward to hearing from all of you!

Kind regards,

South Africa

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