James Waddick
Sun, 24 Jun 2007 11:54:55 PDT
Dear Crinumistas...

	I am sort of shocked you'd even suggest ID-ing a Crinum by if 
it spits or not when so much depends on age and cultivation.
	I admit these tropical 'look alikes' are a taxonomic mess, 
but even me a Crinum wannabe-ista, knows to look for physical 
characteristics such as the European Garden Flora:

	Scape to 70 cm, flower stalks very short; style as long as 
the filament	- C asiaticum

	Scape more than 70 cm. flower stalks 2.5 to 4 cm, style as 
long as the filament -  C. pedunculatum

	And Hannibal separates C. asiaticum from procerum by various 
characteristics, the most notable is the scape dimensions: 30-60 
inches in Asiaticum, 4-6 feet in procerum. Scape on 30 inches in 
pedunculatum and C. japonmicum is also in this mess with a scape of 
12-15 in in length.

	And I bet there's some even better factual info out there.

		Just my 2 cents.		Jim W.
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