Pacific BX 147

Dell Sherk
Sat, 30 Jun 2007 12:19:25 PDT
Sure! Where are you migrating to? Probably not Darfur or Iraq - they are not
very nice at this time of the year. And I hear that the flies are very bad
in India. 
The Nerine seed will probably not be any good after more than a couple of
weeks, but I'll save the other things for you if there are enough.

Bon chance,

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May I impose on you Dell?
We are emigrating from South Africa in 2-3 months time and would be most
grateful if you could keep a few of the following until we arrive:
2. Seed of Nerine flexuosa alba
3. Good sized bulbs of Nerine bowdenii
19. Moraea atropunctata
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