John Grimshaw
Sun, 03 Jun 2007 12:52:13 PDT
I think Jim McKenney would have a problem getting his friends' names 'Album' 
and 'Alba' past a strict reading of the rules - it would probably be OK, but 
the reason should be stated firmly in the description to render any 
confusion improbable. An on-the-ball registrar of names would hopefully 
gently recommend that they were called 'James Album' (or even 'Stamp Album') 
or 'Signora Alba'.

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>> Unless it was published before 1957 the use of 'Album' is illegitimate
>> anyway, and a name in a vernacular language should be substituted."
> Suppose I have a good friend whose nickname is "Album". And suppose this
> name is not derived from the Latin, but rather in his non-Indo-European
> language this combination of transliterated letters means "prodigious
> quaffer of beer".
> Surely I may name a cultivar for him and call it 'Album'.
> Or may I?

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