In Deep Appreciation of Mary Sue Ittner

Jana Ulmer
Mon, 18 Jun 2007 14:49:21 PDT
Well, I've been a long time lurker on this list, and the IBS list  
before that, but praise and thanks to Mary Sue has gotten me to write  
a little something.  Finally, a topic I have first-hand knowledge of!  
I first met Mary Sue about ten years ago, after posting a question on  
the IBS list about good sources for South African bulbs and seeds.   
As it turned out, I was aware of most of them (but hoped there were  
many more that I hadn't found out about yet).  Mary Sue kindly  
replied, (although she later accused me of asking a question that I  
already knew the answer to--which was completely untrue) and after  
some emails back and forth, we found that we lived about two hours  
away from each other, and on one of their trips inland to shop and do  
errands, Mary Sue and Bob stopped by our place and our friendship  
began in earnest.

Mary Sue is truly one of the most generous and fair-minded people I  
have ever known.  She has shared innumerable seeds, bulbs, and plants  
with me, and is always equally willing to share of her knowledge and  
experience. One thing I find annoying about her, however, is that  
although she is a couple of years older than I am, she still has a  
much better recall of plants and plant names than I have ever had. Hmpf.

I agree with Carolyn that Mary Sue is indeed, "a shining example of  
generosity" and I think one expression of this is her willingness to  
be inclusive and to help anyone who asks a question on the list to  
learn more.  My life and the life of my family is enriched by our  
relationship with Mary Sue and her husband, Bob, who is ever tolerant  
of long conversations about bulbs and the people who grow them.

In addition, the pbs wiki has grown to be such a wonderful online  
resource under Mary Sue's watchful guidance. Thank you for your time  
and commitment and seemingly unbounded energy, Mary Sue.

Jana Ulmer
Sebastopol, CA

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