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David Ehrlich
Sun, 03 Jun 2007 15:36:01 PDT
I just found the following paragraph on the internet as part of an article on S.juncea:

In the past S. juncea was regarded as a variety of S. parvifolia or as a variety of S. reginae until evidence was produced in 1974 by Dr van de Venter (Dyer 1975) to confirm the specific status of S. juncea. Intermediate forms exist between S. reginae and S. juncea. After extensive studies Dr van de Venter came to the conclusion that there are genetic differences between these two species and the intermediate forms could be hybrids between the two species.

I know nothing about how S. juncea grows from seed.  However, aside from the cotyledons, which are almost invariably different from mature leaves, I am aware of many plants whose juvenile leaf form is different from that of the mature plant -- sometimes very different.

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There is a range of leaf blade sizes. The immature plants look like regular 
regina. The mature plan can have  no blade at all to a blade 25% the size of 
regina. Some people use the species paucifolia to distinguish these from S. 
regina and add var. juncea for the bladeless types. Others consider them 
both varieties of S. regina.
chuck Schwartz
San Clemente, CA

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