thanks for replies on Urginea

Mary Gutierrez
Mon, 25 Jun 2007 09:49:10 PDT
Thanks to Dr. Grimshaw for the information on the Urginea macrocentra  
(I misspelled it in my original posting). I also received an  
excellent reply from Rogan Roth, with a photo of the plant in habitat.

Both provided information that will help me site the plant in my  
garden. This is what is so great about the PBS--I couldn't find  
information about this plant anywhere!

I have taken a photo of my plant in case anyone is interested in  
seeing the foliage. Rogan's photo shows the flower stalk after the  
flowers are done, but it's interesting to see.

Anyway, if anyone wants to see my photo, e-mail me and I'll send it  
to you. Maybe Rogan would be willing to share his photo also?

Or, if I get it figured out, I'll try to post the photo on the wiki.

Mary Gutierrez
Northwest Garden News

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