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Sun, 24 Jun 2007 20:31:28 PDT
Hi Alberto,

There is an article by George Cowlishaw (a solicitor, horticultural author, 
and plant breeder) in Vol 2 of Herbertia (1935) "Notes on Amaryllid 
Activities in Australia."  In the article he covers the breeding of Crinums, 
Clivias, Hippeastrums and  intergeneric Amaryllis hybrids in Australia and 
mentions that he saw C. pedunculatum x C. moorei hybrids prior to 1924 with 
light to  deep pink flowers (probably made by HB Bradley) .  He himself 
remade this cross in 1924 - flowering 9 bulbs in 1929. I quote from the 
article: ""the growth of the plant was intermediate between the two parents 
, more massive than moorei and not so tall a pedunculatum, with its foliage 
appearing much like the latter."   He claims that he obtained two different 
hybrid forms one being  deciduous like moorei, with large perfectly shaped 
white and  highly perfumed flowers, and the more promininet  evergreen form 
where the flowers were pink and starry shaped.
Bill Morris in the 1960's found the dark pink pedunculatum hybrid in a 
suburban garden near Cowlishaw's residence.  The cross was remade by Bruce 
Knight about  15 years ago - and I was fortunate to get offsets of both of 
these from John Henderson who lives in Brisbane. I have flowered them for 
the past two years.
I can assure you that they look like half sized pedunclatum's with broader 
slimmer leaves and that they offset slowly and never split.

Jim Lykos

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> Hi all and thank you.
> The matter is that in these days I had blooming for the second time a 
> cross pedunculatum (now I can say pedunculatum) x moorei I made a few 
> years ago. Does anyone of you know if this cross has a name? or who made 
> it for the first time ?
> Ciao
> Alberto
> Italy
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