Max Withers
Tue, 05 Jun 2007 09:55:57 PDT
Dear All,

Our list is indeed an amazing resource, although in this case I think 
the internet as a whole, including google and the Universidade Estadual 
de Campinhas deserve some credit too.

And as long as we are distributing credit, the lions' share should go to 
Lindolpho Capellari Junior, whose dissertation furnishes the key under 
discussion (it is a 21 MB pdf, so download at your own risk). In fact, 
the diagram of N. gracilis on the wiki is taken, without any 
acknowledgment, from this dissertation. Surely the source should be 

The usefulness of the internet in this instance is instructive: it's 
useful because it points us to "definitive" information that Jim (and, 
I'm sure, most of the rest of us) longs for. This information is -- 
still -- contained in a book.

This leads me to suggest that we improve the wiki by including a 
reference to a definitive -- or at least standard -- source for each 
genus. It's clear that those of us who write the descriptions are using 
these sources. Why not list them?


> Message: 11 Date: Tue, 05 Jun 2007 07:24:48 -0700 From: Mary Sue 
> Ittner <> Subject: Re: [pbs] Neomarica -stumbling 
> toward ID To: Pacific Bulb Society <> Message-ID: 
> <> Content-Type: 
> text/plain; charset="us-ascii"; format=flowed Hi, Thanks David for 
> adding the pictures and more information to the wiki. Max Withers 
> translated the web pages from Maurice Bossard for me and with that and 
> the information from David it appears that the two species that people 
> get mixed up about are not N. gracilis and N. northiana, but N. 
> northiana and N. candida. I can see how that would happen by looking 
> at the pictures on the wiki. Max has also found a link with a key in 
> answer to Jim's desires: 
>… The summary of 
> the article is also in English, but it appears that the article and 
> the key is in Portuguese apparently. Max says there is a member of our 
> list who might be able to translate the key for us or perhaps for the 
> people who are most interested. Lee translated a Leucocoryne key for 
> me a number of years ago and I found it very helpful in sorting out 
> the plants I was growing. Our list is an amazing resource. Mary Sue
>> >         I am still wishing for something vaguely definitive in 
>> > identifying Neomarica sp - a key perhaps.

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