snails & slugs

Coffee Camp
Sun, 11 Mar 2007 13:32:33 PDT
Hi Jani,

A cheap, organic method of combating slugs and snails is to bury tin cans or other suitable containers up to their rim around the plants.  Fill the containers with beer.  A roof of some kind may be placed over the containers to stop rain or reduce evaporation.

The snails/slugs are attracted by the smell of the beer and imbibe, fall in and drown or may be die of alcoholic poisoning.

Another organic method is to keep ducks.

There's no danger of pets, children, birds or animals being poisoned using these methods nor are poisons leached into the soil/environment.

Geoff Barnier
Sub-tropical NSW rainforests, Australia - Z10

> I'm now fighting with snails and slugs...Does anybody have some really good method to get rid of them, please?

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