Airports and Plants: An update

Laura & Dave
Mon, 05 Mar 2007 14:43:21 PST
Well, I made it back from the NARGS meeting, with four purchased 
plants.  I had asked the security people about bring plants through when 
I arrived, before the meeting.  As long as the plants weren't dripping 
wet, there wouldn't be a problem, I was told. And I must not have been 
the first to ask about the effects of the x-rays, as the woman I asked 
assured me that the strength and duration were not enough to harm living 
plant tissue.  When I returned, there truly were no problems, and the 
only question was "What is that cute plant?" (Lachenalia unicolor).  The 
people even spread my jacket over the plants to protect them from the 
skirting at the entrance and exit from the machine, something I hadn't 
thought to do.

I understand and often echo the sentiments that  David Ehrlich  wrote, 
but in this case all the plants were nursery raised.  Never the less, I 
still will keep them isolated for a month or more, just to make sure 
that they are reasonably bug and disease free.  Exactly where one finds 
a government inspector when driving from state to state (except 
California), I'm not sure.  But I agree that they are on my side. 

Happy travels
  Dave Brastow - Tumwater, Washington -USA-, 7A

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