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Wed, 14 Mar 2007 22:19:14 PDT
>   Isn't Iris 'Sindpers' a cross of Iris aucheri (sindjarensis)  with 
>Iris galatica?  The latter, a part of the  Iris persica complex and 
>once considered conspecific with that species, is responsible for 
>the incredibly exquisite turquoise coloration of 'Sindpers' .

Dear Jerry;
	I think the parentage has been tossed around a bit. And I may 
have been making up 'bucharica'. Now that I think about it, it 
doesn't seem likely.
	But the blue cold certainly come from aucheri alone.
	Jane suggested I persica is not a parent.

	I haven't grown galatica. Does it seem likely?

		Best	Jim W.
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