Iris Judging
Thu, 08 Mar 2007 16:49:36 PST
Hello, I hope you are well and that your biggest concern in life is how to  
get a Ungernia bulb to bloom.  Knowing how much a person can want a  particular 
bulb to bloom,  I do hope you can accomplish this.
I am asking if there is a chance you will be in the San Jose area visiting  
your daughter and her family during the time period of April 28 and if so would 
 you be interested in judging the Clara B Rees Iris Show?  Now I realize  
this is a long shot. Unfortunately we can't offer you a plane ticket (or at  
least I don't think we can, I'll check) but we can offer room and board, a token  
$50 for judging and a free lunch after the judging of the show.
You are probably thinking "what a deal".  You already know we are a  bit 
excentric!  You could also see my new greenhouse Wayne put together on  the back 
of the house with plastic and boards we were going to throw out, but  now we 
will wait until all the seedlings have sprouted. You could check out the  100 
fruit trees in 1 gallon pots that Wayne grafted and the new bee hives  he has 
built.  Not to mention seeing the garden in bloom.  We have  lots of fruit trees 
in bloom and lots of narcissus, crocus and other  bulbs.
Yes, we have a real shortage of judges this year but would consider it an  
honor if you just happened to be in the area and could  judge our  show..
Carolyn Craft
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