Wiki Rookie

Roy Herold
Sat, 03 Mar 2007 16:50:05 PST
Okay, Mary Sue shamed me into learning how to add some photos to the 
wiki. The rest of you really should try, as it wasn't at all painful.

All photos are of plants growing in the wild in South Africa.

First, I added a gladiolus that MSI did NOT have, wonder of wonders. See


for Gladiolus papilo, the butterfly gladiolus. I got some very wet feet 
taking these shots.

Next, a new kniphofia for us. See


for Kniphofia thodei, growing a couple of km down the road from the 
above. I added thumbnails for the rest of the page, too.

Finally, Sandersonia auriantaca growing in the wild, still in the same 
region as the others but at a higher altitude.


Note that they don't require staking....

Well, Mary Sue, did I pass??

NW of Boston
Global freezing update: managed to chip the ice away from the cold frame 
today and got it open.

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