skunk cabbage

Graham Rice
Fri, 02 Mar 2007 09:54:43 PST
I have L. camschatsense in zone 5 here in north east PA. One plant 
set by the streamside disappeared, perhaps washed away. The other, in 
a drier spot, flowers every year although with no great majesty. I 
may well move to a damper place this year.

Graham Rice

>Lysichiton americanum grows quite vigorously at Garden in the Woods
>in Framingham, MA.  I once tried L. camschatsense (sp?) when I worked
>at Fernwood in Niles, Michigan, but it dwindled away.
>At 12:35 PM 3/2/2007, Jim McKenney wrote:
>>Roger mentioned the west coast skunk cabbage, Lysichiton. Is anyone on the
>>east coast growing this successfully? I have both species in my garden, and
>>they have been there for years, but they are growing very haltingly. And the
>>sprouts often show freeze damage. Neither has bloomed yet (i.e. ever here) .
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