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James Waddick
Thu, 22 Mar 2007 08:40:47 PDT
Dear friends;
	Yesterday I received my Bulletin of the International Bulbs 
Society "BULBS" date Jan-June 2005!
	The envelope was printed "EXPIERS (sic) END OF PUBLICATION YEAR 2004"

	I haven't really thought much about IBS since I turned down 
the opportunity to join their email group a few years ago and stopped 
sending them my membership renewal.

	There was a messy and unkind upheaval then that helped 
generate the PBS and lead to two parallel email groups.

	The new Bulletin just looks odd and I do not want to point 
fingers or name names.

	The article on Rain Lily  Breeding is excellent. And there's 
a lot of interesting stuff I won't specify.

	The photos in one article are out of focus and almost no 
pictures have captions underneath them- an odd inconvenience of 

	It just seems like there are some things that are quite wrong 
with the publication  and make me wonder about the organization.

	I went to their web site which I hadn't done in a year or 
more and found it odd and put-off-ish too. Yes, some interesting 
stuff, but odd too.

	I HAVE NOT looked as critically at the PBS web site for 
comparison so this is one-sided at best.
	I have a questions especially for those who are still active 
in IBS and their email list. -

	What happened to this organization? I used to think it was 
excellent and top notch. Now it seems in a sorry second hand state. 
	Is it just me?

	Just curious if there are others who got the new BULBS or who 
know what's going on. If you prefer a private response email me at 
<>. I retain anonymity.

			Best		Jim W.

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