hardy glads and other geophytes.

Adam Fikso adam14113@ameritech.net
Tue, 06 Mar 2007 10:27:39 PST
Hello again:  To those of you interested in developing hardier geophytes . 
I'd be interested in sharing seed, bulbs, bits of knowledge, technical info. 
and  theoretical speculation ,etc.   This will be my second year to see what 
has survived my gentle and not-so-gentle ministrations in efforts to develop 
some truly hardy geophytes, other than those from the genus Lilium.  A slow 
and tedious business and not particularly suited to one of my age (83) but I 
do absolutely deplore the attitude conveyed in the recent quote from an 
unknown  Dutch bulb grower cited by Tony. The Brits are a bit less 
self-centered, but are to some extent affected by a similar 
provinciality--and not just with respect to plant breeding. The combination 
of naivete or ignorance coupled with a lack of imagination and disinterest 
in consequences beyond one's own preciously overvalued first thoughts about 
a topic can lead either to disaster, or lack of any progress.  The recipe 
for stagnation is simple:  If one knows the world is flat, why investigate 
any further?

Is my sentiment here shared by enough participants on this list to 
constitute a recurring thread, and interrest base?  I know who some of you 
might be--but not others.

   Adam Fikso, in Glenview, IL ---USDA Zone 5a --running about Z 7 this 
year. Something like Moscow which got too warm this year and last. 

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