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Alani Davis
Tue, 13 Mar 2007 20:37:18 PDT
Thanks for the reply

It is subtle, but that is the level of MY "humor"/reality. So, glad to hear
that you are of that thought as well, no matter the truth...
On a level, appreciated or not, it is a TRUTH, whether we like it or not...

I think we should analysize our "bad" habitats with the same "cold" blade to
"find" the "truth", but I am but one view point among many on a social level
in the end... Alpine habits are a great example of my thinking because of
the extremes of stratification. I wish we all could so easily see the subtle
renditions as easily

Thanks for the response Carlo


On 3/13/07, <> wrote:
> >Rules to survive by.... a predator (or parasite) shall not out survive
> >the host....No matter the context...we must survive to persist...
> In my lectures on alpine plants I always talk about the amazing
> adaptations they've made to survive in a harsh climate....I use the line:
> "Adapt or die."
> It always gets a laugh, but applies to every living thing, including
> our bulbs. Why else would they develop underground storage units,
> disappear for part of the year, pull themselves down with contractile
> roots? (Shall we go on....?)
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