G. papilio

Brent A. Hine brent.hine@ubc.ca
Tue, 06 Mar 2007 11:40:28 PST
And I would ask if anyone has knowledge of other forms of G. papilio.
I talked with a fellow from Seattle last year who raved about a really 
dark -
chocolate-colored? nice markings? - one he'd seen on a trip.

Brent Hine
Vancouver, BC

James Waddick wrote:
>> adiolus papilio is not the most attractive species
>> glad, but must be one of the most hardy.  A corm from our clone
>> hitchhiked on a plant that I shared with a friend in Minnesota.  The
>> glad has rapidly spread and survived below -20F with no problems and no
>> protection.  This certainly should be a good breeding candidate.
> Dear Tony and all -
> 	I see this is NOT sold on your web site and it is one species 
> I haven't tried, but obviously ought to do that.
> 	I Goggled a number of UK sources, but can anyone suggest a 
> good US source for corms?
> 	Anyone else tried it and have comments on the plant or its hardiness?
> 		Thanks	Jim W.

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