Janis Ruksans

Linda Wallpe lwallpe@cinci.rr.com
Sat, 03 Mar 2007 20:37:43 PST
With the same spirit as the great Victorian plant hunters, Janis Ruksans
risks life and limb traveling through Central Asia searching for rare and
unknown plant matter.  He has lectured in the United States, Canada, England
and Ireland.  For his discovery of new species, introduction of same into
cultivation and his successes in plant breeding, he was awarded an honorary
doctorate in biology by the Latvian Academy of Sciences in 2004.

His information is:
Janis Ruksans Bulb Nursery
Rozula,  Cesis District
LV-4150   Latvia

E-mail:     janis.bulb@hawk.lv
Phone:      +371 - 941-84-40, 41-00-326

Hope this is the information you wanted.
Linda W.

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Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2007 19:52:59 +0100
From: "Agoston Janos" <agoston.janos@citromail.hu>
Subject: Re: [pbs] skunk cabbage
Thank you, but I do not know Janis's e-mail address or anything about him.
I just know, that he is selling top rarities of bulbs.
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  From: John Grimshaw
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  Janis Ruksans is selling Symplocarpus this year, with a lovely picture of
  on the cover of his catalogue.................

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