skunk cabbage

Agoston Janos
Fri, 02 Mar 2007 10:52:59 PST
Thank you, but I do not know Janis's e-mail address or anything about him.
I just know, that he is selling top rarities of bulbs.
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  Janis Ruksans is selling Symplocarpus this year, with a lovely picture of it 
  on the cover of his catalogue. For some reason it doesn't seem to do well in 
  England - not sure why not - and one very seldom sees it here. The best 
  example I know is at Kew. On the other hand, Lysitchiton americanum is a 
  terrible weed in some watercourses.

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  >> Can anybody help me to find Symplocarpus foetidus seeds or seedlings
  > please?
  >>   > When I saw where L. vernum was growing in the wild in the Czech
  >>   > Republic, I knew why they never survived for me.  It was in the same
  >>   > squelchy conditions where I would expect our native Lysichiton
  >>   > americanus.
  > As the new member Marilyn will find out, you learn something new quite 
  > often
  > on this list.
  > I had not realised, or maybe just forgotten, that Symplocarpus was also
  > called skunk cabbage. I am used to the yellow
  > bc_purpose=Basic&WBCMODE=PresentationUnpublished and white forms of
  > Lysichiton, which also grows at Saville garden not far from my home. I
  > always think it looks more like a giant cos lettuce.
  > Brian Whyer, Buckinghamshire, England, zone ~8?
  > Where the magnolias are breaking, many weeks early
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