Gladiolus carneus

Max Withers
Mon, 05 Mar 2007 09:06:54 PST
Speaking of Gladiolus, I've noticed that the "ground color" of G. 
carneus varies from an almost pure white though pale pink to naked lady 
pink (by which I mean Amaryllis belladonna pink, of course). Does anyone 
know if the species is just variable, or are there different clones out 

To my taste, there is no geophyte except possibly Iris that commercial 
plant breeding has ruined more than Gladiolus. I don't mean this in a 
snobbish way -- sometimes bigger really is better, but in this case not.

Oakland CA
Where a single premature Erythronium californicum enlivened the shady 
corner near the compost pile this weekend, despite a heavy bombardment 
of blighted Camellia flowers.

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