Tropical African Gladiolus

Diane Whitehead
Fri, 09 Mar 2007 10:03:03 PST
Bailey's Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture, which was reprinted  
many times, but seems to have been last changed in 1922, says this  
about Acidanthera (written by N. Taylor)  (I have not copied the  

bicolor:  May be grown in a tub outdoors during summer and flowered  
within during Oct. Corms should be dried as soon as lifted, to  
prevent rot.

aequinoctialis Baker:  Sierra Leone   May be a stronger-growing and  
more tropical form of the above. Requires warmhouse culture

candida Rendle:  very sweet scented  [no cultural information given]

The Cyclopedia, first published in 1900, listed only plants currently  
in the trade in the U.S. and Canada, as "it would manifestly be  
impossible ... to include all the plants botanic gardens or in  
the grounds of specialists and amateurs who collect specimens from  
original sources, or those introduced for...  
experiment ..or..scientific study".

An interesting note from the Preface to the Second Edition:
"Many species have been disseminated in an experimental way, as by  
the Office of Foreign Seed and Plant Introduction of the United  
States Department of Agriculture ...."

Ah, those were the days!

Diane Whitehead

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