James Waddick
Thu, 22 Mar 2007 07:25:11 PDT
>Today I was watering the bulbs in the frames for an hour or so. Those of us
>who live in climates where dry-summer bulbs need overhead protection
>against excessive rain often concentrate on keeping water off them, but
>it's just as important to keep water on them when they need it. 
>..... I always remember the advice
>of Fritz Kummert about growing Juno irises: he said they can hardly get too
>much water during their spring growth period.

Dear Jane;
	Thanks for this timely reminder.
	I have seen some quite dry-land iris standing in water 
seasonally and this emphasizes the natural cycles in areas where they 
originate. The great Russian Iris expert. G. I. Rodionenko showed me 
some pictures of spuria iris on a flat plain and flooded by standing 

	Makes me have happy thought about the deluge outside (only 
1/2 an inch this am).

		Thanks	Jim W.
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