snails & slugs & chickens
Mon, 12 Mar 2007 00:47:57 PDT
Chickens are not smart enough not to eat sluggo and the sluggo does kill  
them.  It's a really horrible death.  Three of my chickens ate Sluggo.  1 died in 
a day, another a week later and the third didn't die for 3  weeks.   I'm not 
sure how we determine that birds are smarter and  won't eat it.  My chickens 
were large healthy chickens. It makes me  wonder how much it would take to kill 
a small bird or a lizard.  If you  read the fine print on the package it says 
to use a very small amount spread out  thinly.  Most people don't read 
anything on the package except the large  print advertising on the front.  
I tried talking to people pushing Sluggo at a Nursery Trade Show and they  
didn't want to hear it.  They just told me I shouldn't be feeding Sluggo to  my 
chickens.  Of course I didn't intentionally do that.  I left a  sealed bag 
laying in the garden for about 1/2 hour not realizing the chickens  would peck 
through the bag and eat some.  They could have eaten 1/2 to 1  cup between the 3 
of them before I went back to get the bag and found them  there.
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