Ungernia - My annual lament

James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Thu, 08 Mar 2007 06:42:40 PST
Dear Friends;
	It seems at least once a year, I make a call for help in 
regard to Ungernia.

	I have two bulbs in the garden just coming up - both strong 
new growth and so far at least one has doubled.
	Both are in the garden for 5 years or more, but never a bloom

	I am always open for any source for bulbs or seeds of any 
species. Do any of you have contacts in any of the Central Asian 
'Stan' countries - Uzbekistan, Tadjistan, Afghanistan, etc.? Same for 
Iran and others.

	Although I constantly humbug my climate's limitations, I do 
believe it approximates the Central Asian harshness where these 
plants originate. So far they are at least thriving, more than 
existing and much better than dead.

	I appreciate any wild goose chase leads anyone can suggest to 
locate a bulb or two of any species in the genus.

		Thanks for any help.		best		Jim W.
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