Ungernia, my lifelong quest

Don Hackenberry donhackenberry@acsworld.com
Thu, 08 Mar 2007 08:15:30 PST
Dear Jim,

    Your climate is much better suited to Ungernia than mine.  I'm not going
to recite my trials and failures, I'm going to bury them.  You've got live
plants!  That's more than I had for any length of time.  My suggestion is
come visit me and I'll take you over to see Norman Deno's front yard.
Replicate that in KC and it just might provide that extra 1 or 2% of
severity and austerity to put them over the top and persuade them to flower.
After all, Nemastylis flowers there.

    Is Ungernia the greatest flower on earth?  No, but almost nobody ever
heard of it, and that's good reason for yours truly to want it real bad.  A
delicious moment was back in the late 70s when the (no N then) ARGS Winter
Study Weekend was in Newark, at the hotel across the street from the train
station.  I asked Brian Mathew if he knew of anyone growing Ungernia, and he
thought I meant Urginea.  I think he looked it up when he got back home

    I'm going to mail you the secret password.



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