Glads for hardiness

James Waddick
Tue, 06 Mar 2007 08:39:53 PST
Dear all;
	I find Tony's remarks very enlightening and frustrating.

Rather arrogant comments :

	' the Dutch'  "select against winter hardiness"

	and " why would people want glads to be winter hardy?"

As a gardener who demands hardiness in as many plants as possible, I 
have grown all the hardiest glads I can find. I have grown all the 
byzantinus/ itlaicus/ communis group, Xgandavensis /dalenii and a few 
others (though oddly not G. palustris) and I would WELCOME a greater 
range of colors and forms.,, and increasaed hardiness, too.

	Although I disdain the big Dutch hybrids, I have grown a few 
and they will last a mild winter or two. I sure wouldn't use these to 
select for increased hardiness.

	And by hardiness I mean Zone 5 or 6 survival. Joyce and Brent 
your Zone 7 seems a no brainer for many glads or am I totally off 
base here?

	I know there are not many Zone 5 or 6 - ers on this list, but 
have any of them grown many from seed to test for hardiness?

	And Tony, you didn't say what your response was to your Dutch 
bulb growing guides when he made his un-Glad remarks.

	These remarks just drive me nuts !		Jim W.

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