A new crocus in an old style

John Grimshaw j.grimshaw@virgin.net
Sun, 25 Mar 2007 08:05:18 PDT
Despite intentions, I have not had time to reply to Jim McKenney's post 
about his mystery crocus and he has beaten me to it with the comment about 
'Yalta', which it certainly seems to resemble closely. 'Yalta' (also from a 
package bought last year) is flowering here now, long after the tommies have 
gone. I was not previously familiar with it. The character I find most 
distinct is the purple smudge at the base of the outer surface of the outer 
segments, which are otherwise a 'wrong side of the fabric' grey with a 
yellowish cast. The tube is also rich purple. These characters are precisely 
obscured in Jim's photos, but I can see a purple patch on the inner segment. 
Maybe you can tell us how extensive the mark is on your discovery, Jim.

I have long been very fond of 'Haarlem Gem' which is slightly smaller, more 
angular and paler than 'Yalta'. I believe a photograph of it illustrates my 
NARGS  article from 1997,  'Some spring Crocuses'. Rock Garden Quarterly 55: 
93-96, but my copy is elsewhere.

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