Glads for hardiness

Tony Avent
Tue, 06 Mar 2007 09:51:44 PST

I guess I was partially in a state of shock after the comments, which 
were actually made both by the person in charge of the glad breeding 
program and a representative of one of the major auction houses.  I left 
them with the encouragement to please consider adding a hardy glad 
breeding program.  I guess that's to be expected when outside the box 
thinkers collide with inside the box thinkers.

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James Waddick wrote:
> Dear all;
> 	I find Tony's remarks very enlightening and frustrating.
> Rather arrogant comments :
> 	' the Dutch'  "select against winter hardiness"
> 	and " why would people want glads to be winter hardy?"
> As a gardener who demands hardiness in as many plants as possible, I 
> have grown all the hardiest glads I can find. I have grown all the 
> byzantinus/ itlaicus/ communis group, Xgandavensis /dalenii and a few 
> others (though oddly not G. palustris) and I would WELCOME a greater 
> range of colors and forms.,, and increasaed hardiness, too.
> 	Although I disdain the big Dutch hybrids, I have grown a few 
> and they will last a mild winter or two. I sure wouldn't use these to 
> select for increased hardiness.
> 	And by hardiness I mean Zone 5 or 6 survival. Joyce and Brent 
> your Zone 7 seems a no brainer for many glads or am I totally off 
> base here?
> 	I know there are not many Zone 5 or 6 - ers on this list, but 
> have any of them grown many from seed to test for hardiness?
> 	And Tony, you didn't say what your response was to your Dutch 
> bulb growing guides when he made his un-Glad remarks.
> 	These remarks just drive me nuts !		Jim W.

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