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	Zum Bauplan von Ungernia der einzigen endemischen 
Amaryllidaceen -Gattung Zentralasiens.
	( The Structure of Ungernia, the only endemic Amaryllid genus 
of Central Asia.)
	by Dietrich and Ute Mueller-Doblies, Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 
99(2/3) : 240-263

p 262-263

	Ungernia tadschicorum and U. trisphaera show a characteristic
sequence of leaves which is unique among the 32 hitherto studied genera of
Amaryllidoideae: the first leaf of the main innovation bud is reduced to two
minute adaxial scales, the second one is half sheathing foliage leaf, and the
following ones may be wholly amplexicaul, but the 3rd to 5th leaf may also
have an open base, the last but one is an open foliage leaf and the uppermost
is a half embracing scale leaf. When in July/August Ungernja tadschicorum
js flowering without leaves, the uppermost leaves of the blooming generation
and the lower ones of the following shoot generation are waiting for 
in next spring. The flowering scape is thus preceding its own foliage
leaves (precursive =praecurrent) and that for one vegetation period, which
means proleptic behaviour. Among. Amaryllids this type of periodicity is ondy
known to us from Sternbergia macrantha.
	There is only one scape flowering per year (annual innovation) and the
Induction probably takes place in late summer.
	The morphologic results support the recent separation of the tribe
Lycorideae Taub from the Amaryllideae, as these differ in three of the four
main characters of bulb morphology,

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