Stem-less Spring Bulbs

Boyce Tankersley
Wed, 21 Mar 2007 09:34:57 PDT
When I gardened in southern New Mexico the tulips often bloomed at soil
level. Never figured out if it was a lack of sufficient chilling or the
very high sunlight levels that kept the stems from elongating.

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Would anyone be able to explain why suddenly a crop of spring Tulips
would appear without stems, or with short stems?
  I have a friend in the UK, where the spring bulbs are now beginning to
bloom.  In the southern regions, the winter was unusually wet and warm
this year; temperatures didn't drop below 40 degrees all season long.
In prior years, this person had no trouble, but it was colder and dryer.
I can see blasting and I can see totally blind results, but I don't
understand why they would bloom but have no stems.  These were a fresh
crop planted last autumn, just like every year.

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