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Chad Schroter
Mon, 12 Mar 2007 10:36:14 PDT
Another 'active' solution for slugs is to spray them with a mixture of water and ammonia.  (1 part ammonia to 6 parts water) As long as the mixture is not too strong it should not burn your foliage. Avoid using ammonia made for cleaning which also contains soap and perfume. The ammonia strips the protective mucous layer from the slugs.

Chad Schroter

John Bryan <> wrote: Dear Jani:

I understand your problem with snails and slugs. Way back when, we used
to spread ashes from wood fires, and also when we had them, ashes from
coal fires, around the plants being attacked. The ashes were not
something the pests liked to slide over, so protection was given to the
plants. The ashes were absorbed, over time, into the soil and this
presented no problem. 

We also used grapefruit halves, still with some vestiges of the pulp
inside and these were placed upside down on the soil. Small slugs would
be found inside munching on the pu;p and were then disposed of. It
worked, especially for the smaller slugs. You might try such things,
after all, the cost was neglible! Cheers, John E. Bryan

Agoston Janos wrote:
> Hi All again!
> I'm now fighting with snails and slugs. Here if I let bulbs in the clay slugs go down to the bulb as leaves turn yellow and snack on them in the whole summer killing a lots of valuable bulbs for me.
> There are some desiccant mollusticides here, but as a rain comes slugs are rehydrating and slipping towards to eat someting new.
> Does anybody have some really good method to get rid of them, please?
> Bye,
> Jani Z5a
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