Sinningia aghensis

Fri, 30 Mar 2007 10:02:00 PDT
hi norman,

this particular species will take full sun in its
native habitat (Espirito Santo state, in southeastern
brazil).  i sent seed to the PBS, and the tuber you
are getting might be a descendant of my plant. 
Sinningias for the most part are not true terrestrial
plants, but grow in forest litter on rocks
(lithophytes) or sometimes on trees (epiphytes).  the
soil mix as described by dylan is a good recipe.  do
not treat it as a cactus, it needs a richer substrate.
 both my plants go dormant every year around winter
time.  one of my tubers bloomed just this past month;
the 2nd one just started putting out new growth last
week.  i have them in a south window in my apt. but
even that is not enough light for them.  they really
like to be baked in full sun.  watering of course
should be kept up during this growing period. 
although i'll say, if your tuber is a small one, it
might need some protection from full sun.  it'll
probably be hardy in CA, but it should be protected
from frost of course.  

hope this helps.

tsuh yang

--- Dylan Hannon <> wrote:
> Norman,
> A simple peat + perlite mix with a little sand
> (10-15%) works well
> with sinningias in general. Most like bright light
> but not direct sun
> and ample water and fertilizer while in growth. Let
> dry somewhat
> between waterings. I'm not sure about this
> particular species but it
> probably will go dormant in winter, when it needs a
> dry cool rest. In
> other words protect from cold+rain by keeping
> indoors or on a
> sheltered patio. 
> Pot it up in a container just large enough to fit
> the tuber snugly,
> with the top of the tuber exposed. If needed (too
> frequent watering
> required) it can be moved to a bigger pot while in
> growth.
> Good luck,
> Dylan
> On 3/29/07, Norman Rose <>
> wrote:
> >   Hi all,
> > I will be receiving a tuber of Sinningia Aghensis
> in
> > the next day or so from the last BX offering.
> After
> > searching the web & viewing all the PBS archives I
> > still have a couple questions. Should the soil be
> made
> > up mostly of pumice & pea gravel and a little
> compost?
> > Can it take full sun here in Z9 Northern
> California? I
> > will have this in a pot can it survive outside in
> the
> > winter or should it be kept inside and kept dry?
> > thank you
> > Norman Rose
> > Z9 San Jose California

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