C.J. Teevan
Sat, 17 Mar 2007 01:25:35 PDT
I had a scale-infested Ficus for years, just kept removing the twigs they were on but it took a lot of time.  Then I bought a house and moved the Ficus outside.  Bought ladybugs.  Sprinkled them at the base of the ficus.  Scale vanished.
  Hard to believe but I did it myself.  Have not had a scale problem since --- that was 10 years ago, Long Island, NY, USA

Diane Whitehead <> wrote:
Joe Shaw wrote:

I wish there was a local bird that controlled scale and mealy bugs on 
plants. My Opuntia collection is a magnet for scale and mealies.

Yes, a scale eater would be an excellent idea. Slugs and snails have 
rasping mouthparts which surely could scrape off scales.
All we need to do is train them.

Diane Whitehead
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