Adaptable Juno irises -Raise you with a Pair

James Waddick
Thu, 29 Mar 2007 11:46:45 PDT
>'Sindpers' is a Juno (Scorpiris) hybrid introduced in Holland in the 1890s.

Dear friends,

	Since our recent talk preceded actual Juno bloom, I failed to 
mention a pair of easy and intriguing Junos:

	'Warlsind" a hybrid between I. warleyensis x I sindjarensis 
which may actually be some other hybrid such as warleyensis x aucheri 
or x bucharica. Intriguing colors of white with contrasting pattern 
of yellow and brown on a medium height Juno.

	'Blue Warlsind' As above, but on a pale blue ground.

	Both are in bloom now and both are easy and vigorous here; 
"adaptable' in Jane's original message.

	More to add to you bulb list.		Jim W.
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