Maryland update

Lola L Horwitz
Thu, 01 Mar 2007 07:02:40 PST
Here in Brooklyn I have the same blooming winter aconites as Jim McKinney
reported, snowdrops just a little behind them but both bulbs apparently
unhurt by being exposed to the recent deep freezes. My *Viburnum farreri* gave
a great show in January, earlier than ever before, and now looks pretty beat
up. My north-facing handkerchief of a front yard is at least a zone or
more colder than the south facing back. It's heavily piled with
shoveled snow that won't melt for a while, even with warmer temperatures.
But my Mahonia japonica did fine there in January offering its wonderful
fragrance as I opened my garbage can situated next to it.
     In my little attached 'alpine house' a potted Daphne odora gave
pleasure all winter, but the various species narcissus all failed to bloom
this year -lots of foliage.
     Two of the NARGS seed just planted have germinated: *Eryngium humilinum
* from Tajickistan and a peony marked simply 'Chameleon'. What a lift!

     Lola in brownstone Brooklyn about to get another lift by visiting the
Bay Area.

On 3/1/07, Dennis Kramb <> wrote:
> >What is everyone else seeing?
> Dirty yucky black and gray snow.... nearly almost gone now though!
> No flowers yet.
> *SIGH*
> Dennis in Cincinnati
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