Adaptable Juno irises

Jane McGary
Wed, 14 Mar 2007 14:41:18 PDT
'Sindpers' is a Juno (Scorpiris) hybrid introduced in Holland in the 1890s. 
One of its parents is probably I. aucheri, but I. persica has now been 
discounted as the other. It's a stout, low plant notable for its profuse 
production of light blue flowers. I had grown it in my bulb frame for a 
dozen years or so, but two years ago I planted three divisions out in the 
rock garden atop a deep sand and gravel berm. To my surprise, they did well 
and are flowering beautifully just now, despite a rather rough winter with 
temperature fluctuations and a lot of rain and snow. I encourage anyone who 
has a stock of this plant and a summer-dry climate to try it outside. It 
seems to be doing as well here as some other adaptable Junos, such as I. 
magnifica and I. vicaria. I haven't managed to keep I. bucharica in the 
rock garden, but I think it's because the deer like to eat it so much 
rather than because it's hard to grow.

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon, USA

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